Al Dimeola tour on 2017

May 04, 2017Sandvika, Norway - Baerum Kulturhus - Store Sal
May 09, 2017Stavenger, Norway - Maijazz - Stavangeren
May 12, 2017Katowice, Poland - Miasto Ogrodow
May 16, 2017Helsinki, Finland - Savoy Theatre
May 22, 2017Genoa, Italy - Teatro Carlo Felice
May 26, 2017Kaluga, Russia - World of Guitar Festival
June 01, 2017Lisbon, Portugal - Centro Cultural de Belem (CCCB)
June 03, 2017Hertogenbosch, Holland - Markt - Jazz in Duketown Festival
June 04, 2017Napoli, Italy - Teatro San Carlo
June 07, 2017Vilnius, Lithuania - Congress Hall
June 09, 2017Aschaffenburg, Germany - Stadthalle Aschaffenburg
June 11, 2017Timisoara, Romania - Banat Philarmonic
June 13, 2017Cluj, Romania - National Romanian Opera
July 20, 2017Algeciras, Spain - Parque Maria Cristina

Al Dimeola tour on 2017 year

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